How to make sure your hardest-won hires stick around

An article by progressive business magazine Fast Company, highlights the importance of actively engaging bright, new recruits as quickly as possible, here is a brief overview of the article:

In the same way we invest time and effort in nurturing relationships with new clients, we need to cultivate relationships with new employees. By engaging new employees from the beginning of the onboarding process, you will give them an early stake in your organisation. Their relationship will continue to grow over time, but these early experiences set the tone for the employee’s entire career with you.

Meaningful engagement is much more than taking them through HR procedure and hosting an office meet and greet on their first day.It occurs through a carefully developed onboarding strategy with touch points before and during their induction.

It’s important to help new employees feel productive as quickly as possible but also to move into team-specific opportunities that engage recruits in their areas of expertise, while testing and expanding their knowledge about the company.

When everything is said and done, the onboarding process may be your best chance to influence the commitment, enthusiasm and longevity of your employees. Through designing a comprehensive and engaging onboarding programme you will retain a higher percentage of the best and brightest talent. read full article

We couldn’t agree more, the value of giving new recruits the tools and confidence to hit the ground running, whilst engaging them with your organisation is so often underestimated. All of these factors mean they start generating revenue for you more quickly and stay with you longer. An outstanding onboarding experience is non negotiable to attract and retain the talent you need.  
For further advice read the onboarding section of our blog

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